Thursday, July 19, 2012

I should do an update.....

Well hi!  

I'm pretty sure no one follows this anymore since I'm not good at keeping it updated!  Well it's been about 5 months since I last got on here and I was trying to come up with reasons as to why it's been so long.  (Since I had that goal of writing every!)  Well I guess the biggest reason is.....I have two kids now!!  Crazy!!  Cache LaMar is 3 months old....ok he was 3 months old when I started this post but he'll turn 4 months in about a week! :)  I think we are finally getting the hang of life too!  Yeah it takes me awhile to get used to change!  Anyways!  I should introduce him a little since he's going to be a common character on this blog!

Cache LaMar was born March 25th at 8:58 pm.  He was 6 lbs. 15 oz. and 19 inches long.   He's a pretty good little kiddo!  He wakes up once at night to eat just a little-and when I say little it's like he gets up long enough for me to be awake and holding him and ready to nurse and then he's asleep again!  He goes to bed around 9 and then at 3 ish he wakes up and then sleeps until 7 or 8.  I think we got so blessed on this kiddo since we put up with Huxley for so long not sleeping!  Oh and by the way...Huxley has decided to wake up in the middle of the night again and need milk too.  Back to Cache!  He has reddish brown hair that sticks straight up!  He looks a lot like his Daddy but acts like me....slightly onery and tempermental.  He has HUGE little thighs and chubby little cheeks and loves to make noise-especially grunting and groaning noises.  He takes a binky but prefers his four fingers on either hand and sometimes his four fingers on both hands.  He loves to kick his legs and he kicks them hard!  Huxley and Cache have started playing footsie and kicking each other.  It's pretty cute.  He has some pretty cool tricks but the best ones right now are smiling and trying to laugh and yesterday he rolled over!  Onto his stomach!!  What the!?  So much fun!!  

Some things that Cache has gotten to be apart of since he was born are:

  • A sinus infection-I promise I tried everything to keep him healthy but I guess sickness just happens when you have an older brother who gets into everything and likes to share binkies.
  • A plane ride to Alaska-he did really well actually!  He was 2 1/2 weeks old and slept pretty much all of it.
  • My Medical Coding graduation-he didn't like it at all.  Poor Todd had both kiddos by himself and it was bedtime.  What a great guy I have!
  • High School graduation-Todd's taught for 3 years!!  Can ya believe it?  I kinda can't!
  • A plane ride to Utah-not too bad but he did get a little overstimulated on one of the segments.
  • Lots of walks-he loves the KozyCarrier and Huxley loves the stroller and I would love to lose weight so it's a win-win for everyone!
  • Dropping Aunt Kristina off at the MTC-he slept but the rest of us had a good time driving her down and she even taught Huxley how to do the 'Chicken Dance' and make a pretty goofy face. Oh how I miss her!  Utah is great with all of the family but it sure isn't as great without Kristina here.  I'm proud of her though and it's been one of her biggest goals.  She'll be a great missionary!
  • Going to Yellowstone-WHOA!  Haha I thought driving down from Alaska with a 6 month old was dumb and hard.  This was way harder!  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Huxley takes only one nap a day so driving long stretches is close to torture or maybe it's because Cache is a total hog when it comes to eating and ate just about every hour to hour and a half around the clock which made it hard to do anything.  Either way we did it!  It was fun though.  I've loved going to Yellowstone growing up and I used to go just about every year with my family.  Now it's my turn to start doing that with my family and show them the things I love....I just wish it were easier! :)
Swinging in Grammy and Grampy's backyard-they have THE BEST swing set ever that my dad built when we were little.  So fun to see Huxley on it now! :)

Cousin Joshua and Grace came to visit for a few days!  So fun!!

Cache's Baby blessing!  Todd did such a great job and I know our family's enjoyed being apart of it!

Such a good big brother!!  And I wonder why Cache gets sick?!

:)  He makes me smile!

Yeah for family pics at the end of a long day!!  We look tired!

We went to an end of year party with the Henke's for the school district-lots of fun!

I wish we would have known about this room in the Anchorage airport sooner!  We spent 4 hours in here waiting for our flight to Utah.  It was AWESOME!  Quiet, enclosed and we were the only ones using it!!  SO GREAT!

Our great missionaries!  We miss them so much!  They were on fire up here in Barrow!  Huxley LOVED them!

Another 'good brother' picture! :)

Reading time with daddy!

Huxley wanted to go 'peep' and I was nursing Cache and forgot to close the bathroom door.  This is what I found.....:)  You just have to laugh at this!  Oh wow!  

The things he comes up with!  Pretty creative! :)  

He's all mine! :)  So cute!

Yeah!  We're so glad when daddy comes home!

Hahaha!  That's my child!!

His new cheeser face that I just love!

First bath together!  Cache really has onery looks!  This makes Huxley look so big too!

Playgrounds are so fun when it's warm outside!  We have lots in Barrow but it's usually too cold and windy to go and have lots of fun!

My sister and niece came from North Carolina to visit!  How fun!!

Huxley decided he loved the slide!  He was pro at it!  No injuries at all!

Auntie Kristina!  Oh we miss her!

Easter egg hunt!!  Our first one!  It was fun!

Such a cute little boy right?! :)

First family pics after Cache joined us! :)  He was about a week old! 

Huxley learned that he LOVES bike rides in the bike trailer! He also learned that it's more fun to stand up and turn around!  Such a brave kid!

Bah hahaha! :)

Learning what trees are....something we can't do in Barrow that's for sure! :)

Kristina opening her mission call!  She was called to Colorado Colorado Springs Mission.

As Baba said when he was holding him, '94 years and 4 days old....what a span'.  We just love Baba!

Our first journey in the car seat home.  He's so little!

First time meeting Cache!  Huxley was so great he just smiled and held him and was so cute!  Then he climbed into the little bassinet that Cache slept in!

Such a cute little sleeper!  This was on our Temple trip down in Anchorage.

Having a baby!  I was 7 cm here and not in any discomfort at all!  I won't post about it all since I might offend some people but if you're interested in how I prepared for Cache's birth I used Hypnobabies.   I highly recommend it!

Our little climber.  He gets into everything!!  Yup we still have the orange counters!  They do their job well though so I'm alright with them! :)

I got the bassinet out so that Huxley could get used to it!  This is how we spend a lot of afternoons....just climbing and playing in it!

Huxley and his baby.  He loved that thing!  He'd carry it around everywhere and feed it and push it in a chair around the house.   It payed off too having it!  He's such a good kiddo to Cache!

Yup I let him do that.

I also let him do this.  He's a climber and there really isn't anything I can do about that except keep the things he climbs on safe for him in case he falls.

Sick I know but really you just have to see this!!

He's a cute little keeper when we get him clean though! :)

Sister Hendricks!  Such a pretty girl!

My dad and his awesome garden...well one of them!  What a great guy he is and he helps my family so much with all his effort he puts into his gardening!  Thanks dad!

The dreaded 'drop off at the MTC' day.  I just didn't ever think about it and then it finally came.  Bittersweet.  She's fulfilling one of her life-long goals and I'm proud of her for that.  P.S. Yes I'm not in church clothes-I figured since we weren't going to get out of the car at the MTC it was ok not to be in church clothes.  However I kind of wish I had been.  It was a comfy car ride though not having to sit 'like a lady'! :)  Another p.s. I made that skirt she's wearing...pretty cute eh?? :)

Yup that's us!  You're welcome mom!  Oh and I cut my hair like oh ya know 12 inches!  I donated it!  Ok I will donate it!  I still haven't sent it in...hey I have two kids I'm busy ok! :)

Our little family went to Yellowstone!  This is Huxley in Jackson, Wyoming playing with the little chipmunks that kept popping out from underneath the boardwalks!

This is at the Lower Falls.  Pretty crazy that I'm old enough and have a family of my own now.

It was SOOO hot in Yellowstone.  So Cache pretty much lived in his PJs half way off!

Yellowstone Lake.  Huxley enjoyed the cold water and the waves.


He has the funniest looks!


We went on a stagecoach ride in Yellowstone.  We all enjoyed it a lot!  There was a buffalo that we scared too and we got to watch it run...almost into a car that was driving down the road.  It was pretty cool!  I kind of wish that it had hit the car just so we could see what would have happened....yeah I'm rude I know.

Cool hat huh!

There's been TONS of other things Cache has been apart of.  He's a great trooper and lets us pack him around to do just about anything.  He's pretty easy going if he's fed and his diaper is clean but if he gets tired-boy can he scream!  Yup I've got a screamer for a kid.  My sisters have both asked me if it's normal and why does he do that...I think he just likes to be heard and doesn't want to leave any doubt with anyone that he can keep up with Huxley.

Well I think that's it for now!  I now have a computer in my home so I can blog more often than oh you know every 5 months!  :)  


P.S.  I am enjoying this new Blogger!  It was so much easier to post pictures this time!  Way to go Blogger!


  1. Loved all the pictures and the catch-up! Those boys are adorable!

  2. Ahhh...thanks for the update! :) I love all the pictures. You two have the cutest boys!! I love the pics of Huxley climbing all over everything. And your hair looks really cute, too!

  3. Ahhh...thanks for the update! :) I love all the pictures. You two have the cutest boys!! I love the pics of Huxley climbing all over everything. And your hair looks really cute, too!

  4. I am SO GLAD that you finally posted something! I was about ready to give up hope that you would ever post again. But I won't lie, I check it just about every time I get online. (Which is almost every day...) Also, I'd like to know more about this hypno birth. I'm not pregnant or anything, but when I am I'd like to give birth naturally and not have an epidural if at all possible. Did you have an epidural at all or did the hypnosis stuff take care of the pain? Anyways, shoot me an email and tell me more about it!!

    Oh yeah and your kids are adorable!! I love love love Huxley's hair! :)

  5. YAY!!! An update... I'm so glad you're back to blogging :D

  6. Hey there! Well I'm glad you posted! What cute kiddies you have! & I have to echo Erica. I'm not pregnant yet but super curious about the Hypno stuff. I've never known anyone who did it though! I will certainly be in touch in the future. I think it's awesome that you did it that way.