Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is Coming.....

Haha so you know that goal I made a few months almost 12 months!  The one about how I'm going to do a post....every week!  Haha Todd kindly reminded me of that a few days ago.  Then I kindly reminded him of my computer troubles and how I have some other things that I do during the day like changing diapers and wiping noses and helping Huxley not sit on Cache's head.  Yeah....the blog didn't turn out the way I had wanted but you know....I did do more than I would have if I hadn't have set the goal and that's something right?

Anyways!  Christmas is coming!  Fast actually!  I can just hear Aunt Paige's voice doing the daily countdown.  The things we'll miss this year!  We actually decided to stay in Barrow this Christmas.  It will be very different!  We'll have 2 1/2 solid weeks of staying at our own home...meaning NO. AIRPLANE. RIDES!!!  I cannot tell you how comforting that thought is!  It's sad when you get to the point where just looking at an airplane makes you want to throw up....or just stay in Barrow forever.  Don't worry family I'm almost professional at throwing up so I'll take one for the team and throw up and get on a plane so you can see my cute kids sometime! :)

Anyways!  More exciting than Christmas is......


Do you know how long 6 months is?  

I do and let me tell has not passed very quickly at all.  

Sister Kristina Hendricks is serving in the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She's doing awesome!  She's such a great example to all of us!  And in 11 days we get to hear her voice!!!!!!  Oh what a great Christmas it will be!

Well let me tell you about our crazy little life up here.

We are SOOOO close to having the addition done!  I cannot wait to have all of my husband's brain power back!  If he's not working on it....he's thinking about it!  So as soon as we can get that done the better.  Except for the fact that Todd always needs a project so I'm just bracing myself for his next idea. Wish me luck!  We have renters that need to be in by January 1st so we're so close!

Huxley turned 2!  And boy is he thinking he's 'the stuff'!  He's so cute though!  Really!  He's a pill though!  Some of the things he comes up with I have no idea where he gets them!  I like to blame Todd.  Right now he's OBSESSED with 'caca milk'.  Or chocolate milk.  He will drink that all of the time!!!!  He can even go in the fridge and get the chocolate syrup out and walk around with it until someone takes it away and then the roof comes down with his tantrums.  I've limited it to after nap time he can have 'caca milk'.  As bad as it is that I'm giving him so much should see how happy it makes him!  Seriously!  As soon as I give him some it's like nothing in the world could make him unhappy!  He gets almost giddy! :)  So cute!  He'll dance around and smile and laugh.  Oh!!!!

Cache....oh little Cachee!!  He's gettin big!!  He's discovered he does like food!  It only took him 8 months!  But now he's like a bottomless pit!  His favorites are paper and eggs.  He's also figured out he can pull himself up and get into the toy box!!  He gets so proud of himself and squeals so happily!!  He's starting to figure out he can walk when people hold his fingers.  He gets around really well with his little army guy crawl though.  I'm not too anxious to get him walking--I know as soon as he does it will be a whole different game at home.  Huxley will discover he has many more uses with him!!  Cache is also starting to sign!!!!  I'm so happy!  I love Signing Time (a little plug about this....I'm an instructor for them so if you ever want to buy any videos I can get you a good discount!) and it's so fun to see him trying to communicate with us!  Right now he's signing 'all done'!  Oh it makes my heart melt!  It's so rewarding to see your kids do things that you've been teaching them!  Someday he'll say a prayer and it will be even better!

Todd and I somehow keep ourselves busy!  Todd was put in the Branch Presidency as 1st Councilor-Sacrament meetings are a whole different story now!  Thank goodness for my VT companion!  :)  I was put in YW and have been juggling doing the activities and lessons as well as continue as the RS Secretary.....we stay very busy!  We want to serve the Lord though and it looks like He's helping us do that by giving us callings! :)  That's one reason we love Barrow so much.  If we were living in Utah we wouldn't have as many opportunities to share the Gospel and also just to live the Gospel.  Todd and I were talking about it and if we wanted to go inactive or even just miss a Sunday here or there...we wouldn't be able to.  Our Branch is so close and we keep such close tabs on everyone that things aren't 'missed' as they would be if we were a bigger ward somewhere else.  I don't know if that makes sense but anyways....we love Barrow and the Church! :)

Kali is doing fine!  She's a pretty good, self sufficient cat!  The only thing I haven't figured out is how to get her to change her litter box.  But she waters herself (somehow) and feeds herself (by cutting a hole in her food bag and eating out of it whenever she wants).  I don't do much to her.  We talked about getting some fish and then we decided not to because then people would have to take care of them when we leave town but then we thought we could just leave them out for Kali and then we really wouldn't have to worry about her-she'd have water in the bowl and if she got hungry enough she could eat the fish!  It's a win-win right?  Ha!  Don't worry we're not planning on taking one of our precious carry-ons and hauling a fish up here!  I say 'precious' because when you're buying all of your food 'off-slope' and bringing it all in your luggage, every pound and inch of room matters.  Don't get me wrong we like fish and would love to have some...just not here in Barrow!

Well I think that about does it!