Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being A Mother....

is HARD!
It's been the most rewarding,
experience I've had.

A few nights ago after putting Huxley to bed I came out and looked around the house. I wish I had a picture but at the same time I know your opinion of me would change if you saw the condition of my house! It was awful. Todd asked if a hurricane came through. I replied that a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake and a 1-year old made their way through the house. Yeah it was that bad.

I loved it though.

I wouldn't want my house in any other condition right then. There were food crumbs on the floor. Boxes from the post office spread around. Toys everywhere, books all over. The only thing I could think of was my little boy had been taken care of that evening. He had food to eat, he had toys to play with, he was warm, he had a parent home with him all night, not a babysitter.

I knew motherhood would be hard but I never knew how much I would grow and learn from it. I'm so grateful to be a woman and that I have the opportunity to be a mother and raise my children in the Gospel. I always said I wanted to stay at home with my children but I never realized what a great blessing that is to have a husband who wants the same thing.

Sometimes I lose my patience and it's so discouraging. It's hard to know how to teach a little one. Sometime I feel like I'm not doing enough. This is a great talk that I like to read when I start feeling like that. Being a mom is what women are born to do. It's exactly what we're supposed to be doing with our time. I'm so glad I've realized this early on so that I haven't missed what's most important right now.

I know this isn't a normal 'picture/update post' but I know there are moms who read this and they probably feel the same way I do sometimes and I hope they go and read this talk. It really is a good one and it just makes you feel good all over! :) Oh and you don't have to be a mom to read it! :)