Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holy Cow!!

I seem to have time to look at everyone else's cute blogs but when it comes to mine.......well you can see for yourself!!

November (and October for that matter) has gone SO quickly!! It was filled though with things that helped that time pass.

Todd was able to come visit for Thanksgiving which was a blast!! Only 19 more days of this stinkin livin apart activity!! So excited!! While he was visiting, I also had the wonderful opportunity to go under the knife. AKA get those stinkin gall bladder and appendix outta me!! It was rough!! Todd got some pretty sick pictures of me! :) Thanks dear!! I have some nice scars though! :) I have 6, 1 1/2 to 2 inch incisions and 19 staples!! :) Yeah!! I don't even want to know what my poor tummy will look like after all the babies and these ugly things!! :)

This past month I had my Mother/Baby clinical rotations......it was absolutely the most fun clinicals out of all of them!! I loved it!! My favorite is the Newborn ICU....guess I'm just gonna follow my momma through her footsteps through and through!! :)

Today I took my last final for Nursing school. Which means.......I'M DONE!!!! I can't believe this year is gone! I graduate next Thursday and it couldn't be much more needed! It's definitely an accomplishment that I'm glad to say is finally over! I applied to 2 nursing schools to finish my RN year. I was accepted at Weber State which is very flattering but I turned the position down so I could move up to Alaska. I mainly applied to get an extra point the next time I apply so I can be guaranteed a spot when I'm ready for it. I also applied at University of Alaska Anchorage....I haven't heard back from them yet but I will most likely be turning that one down too if I'm accepted. I'd rather just be with Todd for the semester! :) Who knows where we'll be in the Fall though. Hopefully I've gotten my foot in one of the doors that will be opened up to us in the future!

Here are a few of the pictures that I promised a month ago! I'll have more soon...ish!! :)



Whitney and I after chopping our hair!!! So scary!! :)

Well! That's all for now folks! Maybe I'll get more ambitious and be on here more someday....doubt it! :) Have a good day!!