Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness!!!

Wow! We've had a pretty crazy month!! Lots of things have happened....or it just feels like it!! Good news too....I have pictures to post! :) I have more on the other camera so those will come later!

Here are the highlights though:

Yup!! You're not blind! There really is no red line-it's that cold!! :)

This was on one of our Sunday outings-we went to the beach/gravel pits and met our friends Wayne and Jenna there with their puppy so she could run around. We successfully got our Jeep stuck.....again! Luckily someone came by and pulled us out! It was COLD! This is also showing Todd's ruff around his hood which I am proud to say I sewed on by hand!! :)

Here are the snow drifts that we woke up to right before Todd had to get to his morning Inservice. Lots of snow!! They should have cancelled that meeting!!! The roads were so bad!!

This is mainly for our moms but seriously we are so blessed! The only fruit and veggies you get up here are flown in and they are way expensive so we never buy them from the store. There's a family in our Branch, the Enderle's, and they order from Full Circle Farms which is a mailing program that sends fruits and veggies each week. Anyways one night we got a knock on the door and they had brought us a box that they wouldn't be using! It was SO nice! When I was making the salad I was getting upset because my hands were getting so cold from washing the veggies in the cold water and then I stopped and remembered...You live in the Arctic. You have no way of growing any of this which means you had to do no work in order for this to be in your house right now and you're complaining that your fingers are cold. We are so blessed! Thanks Enderle's!!!! :)

Leprechauns aren't real?? Think again!! This is what we pulled out of our dryer!! :)

We had the unfortunate event of mourning the death of a teenager....just kidding!! :) But we both did wear black to church! This was my 20th Birthday!! :) We went to the school after church to talk with my family on skype and open the box they sent me! It was fun! They even had a cake for me that my nephew blew out for me!

This was Todd's 25th Birthday/St. Patrick's Day! He said he likes the 'exact' amount of candles on the birthday cake. Well...up here where a box of 10 candles cost about $5 I went the old fashioned route and rolled up pieces of construction paper! They didn't stay lit very long but he was able to blow out one candle!! :) It was a pretty good cake I might add!! :) We both had great birthdays though! Thanks families for being so nice to us and sending us things!! :) You're great! Todd was great too.....I got a sewing machine! (sorry I don't have a picture uploaded on this computer yet)

This was the best part of March! We got to go down as a Branch and attend the Anchorage Temple!! We had two families get sealed-the McCrays and the Lilos! It was so special to be there for those!! It was great to be in the Temple with Todd though. I think we both feel a lot better about life in general now! While we were down there, we visited a Walmart!!! It was so crazy! Everything was so cheap!! We stocked up on the kitty litter and the kitty food for next year though! (It's expensive up here) I'm glad to be back in Barrow again though. There were WAY too many people down there! I seriously had so many panic attacks!!!

This was the group! Good looking wouldn't you agree?! :) It was between 45-50 degrees while we were down there! It was awesome! There was slush!! And mountains and trees and birds...it was great! We also saw 4 moose! 2 on the side of a busy street just eating grass...our shuttle driver almost hit one!!! And 2 more 20 feet from the doors of the Temple! We got good pictures of them....probably too good. I was so scared one was going to charge Todd!
We love our Branch!

Here is Barrow!! :) We live along the airport runway which is the long dark line in the middle of the picture. Our home is on the very far left side of it! :) Can't you see it!? Just kidding!

This is farther out but it shows the ocean. The ocean is frozen from where the town is out until where you can see the water......pretty cool!!

Well! That's all folks! Finally right? :) Sorry! I have pictures though so that makes it more interesting right? :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good News!!!

We're 2 months/8 weeks from seeing grass and trees and birds and cows and horses and mountains and FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!! Oh and school will be over!!!

I think we're gonna make it!! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Homecoming King and Queen?? Maybe not!

Hahaha! First of all I want to thank Annie Enderle for taking these for us!! :) Being the youngest teacher at the school Todd gets asked a lot to chaperone for the dances. Well they finally stopped asking him to chaperone and then guess who moved up here?? Me!! The person who can't say "no" to anyone!! Well we got trapped, thanks to me, into chaperoning Basketball Homecoming a few weekends ago. It was....fun. Annie was the photographer for the pictures and she asked if I could take the picture orders and since I was already going to be there I agreed...hey it'd pass the time right? She asked if we wanted a picture so we laughed and posed!! Hahaha!! Oh funny!!

Classic Prom pose right? We thought so!

Well! I think that's it for now! I have more pictures to put on but Todd has to help me download them....his camera is confusing! :)