Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Updates from the Top of the World

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Here's our beaten up child! He always has a goose-egg on his forehead. No I don't beat my child. He's kind of cute. He's really heavy too. Ugh!

Huxley and a little girl named Aliyah 'shared' their birthday party! Aliyah turned two 3 days after Huxley turned one and we have a lot of the same friends so it was perfect!! It was funny....Aliyah and Huxley didn't really know to blow the candles out so all the little girls you see in the picture ended up blowing the candles out before they could figure it out! We had lots of fun though. I was sure tired by the end!! It's amazing the toll pregnancy takes on a body!

Here's our little 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree! Our first one!! We've never lived together during the holidays between Halloween and Christmas so I've never decorated and it's been fun! We found this tree at the second hand store for like 50 cents!! We don't have any ornaments up here either-thank goodness for construction paper, glue sticks and popcorn! Except Huxley has eaten most of the popcorn off of the tree now. I also made Applesauce Cinnamon ornaments and he's managed to eat at least a bite out of most of them. Oh kiddo! Oh and yes I do dress my kid in clothes that are too small for him sometimes. Don't judge me. Oh and yes we do have boards over our windows. We're really not as white-trash as we sound! Promise! :)

Here's our little dinosaur on Halloween. Better late than never! :) He's cute huh!

Well it's about time for another update right?! Yeah I think so! Let's see!
  • Todd has officially finished his first semester of his MBA...Wahoo!
  • Todd will finish the first semester of teaching this Friday....another BIG wahoo!!
  • Huxley has four teeth on his bottom and I'm pretty sure all four molars (both top and both bottom) are trying to come in.....poor kiddo!
  • I'm just about 6 months pregnant....yeah for being in the 3rd trimester!
  • We find out what we're having in one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I finished my crazy semester of school-going to school full time is tough once it's not the only thing you're doing! And I got a 4.0. Thank you, thank you! :)
  • We had our first Thanksgiving all by ourselves. Todd was in charge of the turkey and I was in charge of everything else. I won't lie it turned out WAY good! I think it's because no one else was coming over! Oh and my mom probably won't like my saying this but we even ate Thanksgiving dinner in our jammies! Oh yeah!
  • Todd and I have officially made it through our first year of living together the ENTIRE year! Not bad except we've been married for three years now! We still plan on staying married too! :)
I think that's about it! We stay busy, busy, busy!!! We leave for Utah on Sunday night and get there on Monday. Such fun! Especially now that we have a rambunctious kiddo. I'm hoping he'll sleep a lot of it but we'll see!