Friday, October 9, 2009

Pictures from the Top of the World! :)

So this is what we look like after being married for 9 whole months!!! Pretty impressive!! Don't mind my pained look of freezing! Oh and Todds' long hair! :) While I was up there for the few days, we got to do alot of things together like going to the whaling sites, going grocery shopping, going to conference and driving around looking at sites....oh and freeze!!!

Here's just a few pictures of what it looks like!

As soon as I got off the plane we went and saw the whale they were cutting up so that was cool! I won't put any gruesome pictures on but this kind of gives you an idea of how big they are!!! I didn't eat any of the whale while I was there but it's definitely something I might have to do.

This is the AC Grocery store where we got most of our groceries! They have everything there you could possibly imagine!!!! It was fun to go there! There's also a grocery store next to our home but it's a little bit more expensive and there isn't as many options.

Here's our church!! :) We were able to go to all of the sessions! On Sunday, in between sessions, the branch had a potluck breakfast for the members. It was fun to meet some of the branch members. I really liked them too. I'm excited to go up there and be a part of that branch!

This is Todd's school. The first picture is just the front of the school and then the second one is a picture of Todd's end of the school. He has an automotive shop and a woods shop and a classroom and an office. Pretty dang nice! :)

While Todd was at school I spent time at home with Kali.....AKA The Best Cat In The World!!! :) I also cleaned....Todd's a pretty clean guy, I got lucky, but there were a few things that I helped him with!! :) I studied.....ugh and I went and talked with the hospital about getting a job when I get up there!!! It was very nice to just relax but it would have been nicer to have spent more time with Todd.

This is a picture of our humble abode. We're the middle apartment, there are three in the building. It's like a town home-there's an upstairs and downstairs. Some plusses about this house are: there are doors on all of the rooms-including the bedroom, we have a washer and dryer right in there with us, we have our own water heater-no more cold showers on Sunday morning!!-we have our own thermostat so even if the next door neighbors are warm I can still turn our thermostat up to where I'd like it!! :) This is also a picture of the newest addition to the Henke Family-a Jeep! It's very nice too! I was a big stinker about getting it because I thought we could just be tough and walk places......well I got my fill of walking from the car to different buildings. I'm glad we got the car.

Well this has been pretty long!! I should probably go and get things done that I've been putting off but I loved it up there and it was a wonderful trip!! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Together Once Again!! :)

We're together!!! After being apart for 60 very long days!! It's been very, very nice.

My flight came in yesterday at 7:15 pm. In Alaska, when you get off the plane, you don't walk down a tunnel and end up inside the airport. You walk off the plane and down some stairs and walk on the runway into the the President does on TV!! :) I felt cool!

Barrow is what the pictures look's captivating though. I like the feeling that is here. Everyone is really friendly. We were able to go see the whale they had caught after we got my luggage. It was awesome!!!!!!! You could see all the organs....I won't go into too much detail but it was very cool.

Kali is doing well. She has started to remember me now. She's plumped up alot since I last saw her...unlike Todd. I'll work on him. The apartment it very spacious compared to our humble little abode in Logan! :) I think I could make the adjustment quite easily!! :)

I looked for a job today at the hospital. There are 5 jobs that I qualify for. Hopefully one of them will work out!!

Well I think that's it for now!! Sorry no pictures!