Monday, September 27, 2010

One Plus One Equals Two

So!! The past couple of weeks it's been fun to wonder about what the little one is gonna look like. I don't do it too much-I don't want to be too disappointed!! :)

Yesterday I was talking with my sister Kristina and she insisted that the baby will have my forehead and nose.....she likes them I guess. Creeper eh? :) Just kidding I like my sister! I asked her, "what if he has Todd's nose or forehead?" And she said, "no, no he has to have your's." So then I said, "what happens if he doesn't? Are you just not going to look at him?" And she said, "yeah!" Hahahaha! Well Kristina! Rest assured that your nephew will look like this-kinda looks like you huh?!! :)

Hahahahaha!!! Our friend Annie decided to merge our two pictures together to predict what he'll look like!! :) Hahaha! Thanks Annie!! :) Now we don't need to wonder anymore what this little one will come out lookin like!! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weeks 32 & 33!! We made it!

Well! Pretty exciting!! We've kept Baby inside! He can come anytime he wants now.....I would really like it to be 6 1/2 weeks from now but if he decides to come earlier I know his systems are all up and functioning and he would survive well outside.

Week 32

Week attractive! And big! It's so weird now...I get stuck trying to go between things!! Kind of embarrassing!

Hmm what else can I tell you that's been going on? Todd's still crazy busy with Seminary and teaching and then Open Shop Monday-Thursday. Needless to say, we don't get to spend a whole lot of time together. :( I was demoted as a Substitute....ok not really!! They have a teacher who retired last year substituting this year and I'd say she was way more qualified than me! Plus not very many teachers have taken days off yet....we're only a month into school. You've gotta save those sick days for the last part of the year!! I spend a lot of time reading and cleaning....dang nesting!....and going on bike rides around Barrow. I tell you what! Biking on mud is not as easy as concrete! It's a good workout though! I've finished the crib bedding too-that took up lots of time when I was working on that. Speaking of that....I told my mom I'd put pictures up....I'll work on that Mother! :) We're pretty boring!! Hahaha!! When we go over our schedule we always say: "Seminary, school, open shop night" which is what the schedule is for every day but it makes us feel like we're doing something besides just saying, "same as yesterday".

I think that's about it!! We're in count down time!! It's so crazy!! 45 days and we'll be adding pictures of Baby on the outside!! Yipes!!

Well!! Have fun!! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 30 and 31!!!!

Well!! Here's some more glamour shots!! :) Pretty exciting!! Baby is doing great! Our Nurse Practitioner says everything is looking great also. I feel good most of the time!! Mostly at night is when I get the sickest and most achy. Makes for restful nights of sleep I'm tellin ya!! NOT!!!

Week 30-don't mind my good posture that seems to be showing up in every picture....

Week 31-There's a big difference between this week and last week. I can sure tell too!!

We also bought my plane ticket to Utah! I'll be getting there October 4th so hopefully we can keep him in there at least a little longer!!

On another note.....I made banana bread today.....yeah me cooking can you believe it?!! It worked too!!! I did it all by myself-Todd wasn't even home to oversee things! I think it turned out lovely!! It tastes good too!! :)

Well!! That's it!! Enjoy the fat pictures! :)