Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Got Em Working!

You can see the pictures now on the post that you couldn't see them before! I had to redo it all and just do it on Blogger. I couldn't figure out the whole Picasa thing. If any of you know let me know! Shayna-I can see your pictures so I'm not sure what's wrong with mine! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Does Anyone Know?

Hey Everyone!

So I posted a new post down below and the pictures I put on there are from Picasa. I just pushed the 'Blog This!' button and then I posted it. Anyways, now I can only see the blog post with the pictures on that computer. How do I change that so everyone can see the pictures? Anyone know?


P.S. I'm off to Utah tonight to visit family! Oh and a friend who's getting married. Wish me luck! It'll be me and Huxley all by ourselves! Can we do it? We'll see!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Says I Don't Blog? :) (Take #2)

I think I got the pictures working so here you go!

Well...I'd say we're about due for an update! Let's see!
  • Todd finished another school year...2/30 until retirement!
  • We drove the good ole van back down to Utah from Fairbanks. We took eleven days to do it. Yes it was hard with a baby!
  • We made it back down to Utah in time for Maren's (Todd's sister) wedding festivities.
  • We stayed in Cache Valley with family and just hung out for about six weeks.
  • Todd started his Master's in Business Administration in June so that's been keepin him busy!
  • We braved another long flight back up to Barrow with Huxley and our missed kitty, Kali. It was a long few days of traveling.
  • We're back in Barrow! Wahoo! It's good to be back home! Call us crazy (and a few have) but we just enjoy being back as a family in our own home.
  • Todd has enjoyed putting new hardwood floors throughout our home. It looks WAY better!! He's a pretty good guy to have around! Although, we will miss our old floor...four kinds of linoleum, three kinds of carpets, stains and rips everywhere. It was a hard decision to make covering it up.
  • Now Huxley. Man this guy is on fire! He is learning and growing so fast! He started crawling for real (not that tummy dragging stuff he was sportin for awhile). A week later his first tooth popped up on the bottom and three days later another one decided to sprout! He's 9 months tomorrow but seems to think he's much older! It's crazy to think that he's been on the outside world just as long as he was on the inside! It seems like he's been on the outside a lot longer. Anyways... He has decided he wants to arrange his own laundry from the nice organized piles I fold and put in his clothes organizer to shaken out and put in a pile on the floor in front of it. He has 'redecorated' my cooking cupboard and put all my baking things out on the floor. (Yes I know I should lock the cupboard door but as of right now...there is no door to that cabinet.) He has discovered that he can walk a lot faster than crawling and will walk from furniture to furniture. I've been trying for awhile to teach him to stick his tongue out and he just has never wanted to. Well I'm pleased to say that my teaching has paid off and he's learned to stick it out!! However, it is now CONSTANTLY out! He can say 'da-da'! I know at this age they are just saying words but I think he really does know that 'da-da' is Todd because when he sees Todd he'll crawl up to him saying it. He's kind of a jokester now. He'll do something and then look at us and then start laughing out loud. It's kind of funny and most times he's throwing a toy or food or passing gas and we can't help but laugh but we probably shouldn't encourage it by laughing. Basically this kid is a handful and is constantly going but we kind of like him and are glad he decided to come be with us.
Well I think that about does it! Sorry for the length but I guess that's just the way it is when I don't blog for awhile! Oh good news! The Henke's have INTERNET!!! What?! I know right!? Pretty crazy but we broke down and now we have connection to the outside world! Anyway! That might encourage more blog posts! Something to hope for right?

Well TTFN!!

He learned how to pull himself up on G & G Henke's stool! He was so proud of himself!
Doin laundry with Aunt Kristina!

He had been trying to learn how to drink from his sippy cup so Todd tried to show him. His face is so funny!! :)

Drivin down from Alaska! This is the Todd I talked to most of the day-the one in the mirror.

His pastime driving down from Alaska. Chewing on his blanket. They were some pretty long days! Poor kiddo!

Play time! Climbing around our luggage! In our cozy cramped quarters! Gotta love the van!

Swinging in Grammy and Grampy's backyard. He loved the swing! His excema is most obvious in this picture. For those of you who saw him....it was pretty bad and this picture is definitely on the up hill to recovery. We tried EVERYTHING! And I mean everything! We had no idea what it was until we got down to Utah and saw the Pediatrician (and by that time it was mostly cleared up). Everyone complains about the 'dry' Utah weather. Turns out it's not as dry as Barrow! His skin became clear with a little help from the moister climate and good ole Hydrocortisone cream. :) Poor kiddo.

Boys! I'm pretty sure this is a classic example of Huxley's top heaviness but it looks like they're wrestling! This is Ayden, one of the cousins! :)

I LOVE this picture! So cute! I'm glad I got it too. I lied him down to take a nap and I was making our bed and he was trying really hard to roll over and then I looked over and he had but he had also gotten up on his hands and knees. He was just smiling at me when I looked over and then started laughing! Hahaha oh these moments are the ones that get me through I think!