Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Pros Right?!?!?

I hope so!!! Tonight Todd leaves for Anchorage for a conference. He'll be gone until Saturday night. We're pros at being apart though.....maybe?? You'd think living apart for 4 1/2 months would have trained us to be semi-ok with being apart for 3 1/2 days!

I'm not excited for it though. I'm glad Kali will be with me. She's good at being the entertainer lately. There will be lots of Graduation festivities going on the next couple of days too so that will help pass the time at night. Hopefully!

On a more happy note, there is 7 more days of school left and only 10 more days until we leave Barrow. :) Those are definitely happy thoughts!!

I think that's it for now!! I'll keep you posted on how the next couple of days pass.....hopefully quickly!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Things To Be Happy About

There are TONS of things I am and could be happy about! I won't write them all but one of the main things is:

Weather on the Slope

Those numbers seem SO big and warm considering the past 3 months it hasn't gotten above freezing! We don't have a garden to worry about or any outside animals so we'll take it!!

Another thing to be happy about is: IT'S FRIDAY!!! Which means only 2 more weeks and school is out!! I don't think it could come any faster!!

I think the biggest thing I am happy about right now and what keeps me going is I get to see these people in just 16 days!! (P.S. If I put your picture on here and you don't like so sorry! Tell Todd to take another one of you so we have more options to pick from next time!! Oh and dad...if you read this, which I don't think you will, sorry there isn't a picture of you! I'm excited to see you too! I have pictures of you on my computer but seeing as that it is in Utah....I can't really use any of them!! :) )

Mom, you're probably saying, "Oh, why did she have to put that one on there?" Well you see, I killed two birds with one stone on this picture, Little Buddy Ole Pal I'm SOOO excited to see you! Todd can say you stink as much as he wants, he doesn't know what he's missing when getting hugs from you!! :)

Caroline, I can just hear what you're saying right now....."She's not excited to see me, she just put that on there so people wouldn't ask why there wasn't a picture of me!!" I actually am excited to see you....I've been doing lots of push-ups, I might be able to hit you just as hard as you hit me.....maybe!!

Hahaha oh Kristina!! You tell me I need to brush my teeth!! :) Just kidding!! Hahahaha! I had to put this on there!!!

Yup!! Those are our families and we are so excited to see them again!!! :) It'll be a good summer!!!