Sunday, February 5, 2012

Every End Has A Beginning....

Well today has been interesting. I woke up at 3:30 am with contractions that were coming every 5-10 minutes. I wasn't worried about it until I looked at the clock and realized it had been going on for an hour and a half and I was having really bad back pain-not the normal 'I've been carrying Huxley too much' pain but pain that I hadn't felt since Huxley's birth. That kind of scared me. Todd gave me a Priesthood blessing and I tried some other things to help things calm down. Normally I wouldn't have worried but being a 12 hour plane ride away from where I want to give birth and only being 31 5/7 weeks along puts a little kink in things. Well long story short everything is ok and we're just going to take it day-by-day and I'm hoping that we can stay with our original plan of me coming down to Utah March 18 after our Branch Temple trip in Anchorage. Anyways-the reason I'm writing this is because I realized how hard it is right now for me to imagine my little family of 3 turning into 4. After Huxley woke up we brought him into our room like we usually do on the weekends since Todd is home and he jumped on our bed and laughed and laughed. I started crying thinking that this would be our last day as our little family jumping on the bed and being goofy (that was before we had seen our NP and decided it would be ok for me to stay in Barrow). There were a few other times today that I had those same thoughts. Don't get me wrong it will be great to have another little kiddo-it'll just be different. I'll get used to it. And it is the ending of our little family but I know it's also the beginning of more great memories like us jumping on the bed every Saturday and Sunday morning.

Another ending was when Todd was released today as the Seminary teacher. Kind of weird. I try/tried to be patient with the calling and I think I did a pretty good job but I didn't realize how attached I was to the calling and it wasn't even mine! I'm crazy I know! Maybe it's because I'm pregnant. Anyways. It'll be weird having my husband around more-not that he wasn't with the calling but he did study/plan for Seminary a lot and it'll be different having him home and not have to say 'what do you want to do before you need to start doing Seminary stuff?'. Like right now Huxley is in bed and this is the time Todd usually prepares-I don't think he knows what to do with himself! :) And tomorrow when the alarm goes off at 6:15 am I won't have to listen to him hit snooze 4 times before we actually get out bed. Also, I get a car now-Todd has always had the car since he'd pick the boys up and do Seminary and then go to school after. That means I'm mobile now. What the? I can leave during the day now? I don't know if I'll have the courage to! I always leave the house with Todd-I might be too scared to go out by myself. I'm kidding! But it will be different! I'm glad he had that calling though. I think it helped our family grow and Todd grow in ways it probably wouldn't have if he hadn't of been called to be the Seminary teacher when we moved up here. I guess that's why we have callings though right? To learn and grow and then we get released. Hmm...I should learn what I need to for my calling....I'm also kidding!!!! This is another ending but it'll be the beginning of something else!

Well that's it!

P.S. Todd wants me to write something for him....
What is a mother's favorite crime?????

A good kidnapping!!!

He's pretty proud of himself. He came up with that 'all by myself, just barely'! :) So that's what he's going to be doing now instead of preparing for Seminary! Hahahaha oh wow!