Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Henke's To The Rescue

Well we had another exciting adventure with the fish net!  
Last Saturday we went out to check it-this time in the car :)-and we had 3 fish in it

A DUCK!!!!

Sad but so fun!  We got there just in time too-the poor thing was so tangled and just barely breathing.  Todd asked if we should take him home and the nurse in me said, 'heck yes, we're going to take him home!  How fun will that be to have a duck!'  Todd laughed and said we couldn't have a pet duck, they poop everywhere and they stink.  
Well so do our children!  
They just have something that catches it!

So we brought him home!  The whole car ride home Huxley kept saying 'duck' 'duck' and then I'd point up in the front seat and say, 'he's right here' and then he'd be ok for a little while.  Then he'd start looking for it all over again and the process would repeat!  Oh to have the mind of a child again!

We brought him in and I got a box and our heating pad (bad idea looking back) and a pillowcase.  We put him in the box after Huxley got a good look at him and yes...a kiss from him.  I know, the nurse in me should have freaked out but....I didn't.  My kids are going to get sick and all I can do is take care of them.  Worrying and being obsessed with the germs constantly will just make me upset.  Especially since we seem to travel on airplanes....um all of the time!

Anyways back to the duck!
We got him all settled in on a nice warm bed with some bread pieces and just waited to see what would happen!  We got everyone ready for bed and Huxley said 'night night' to it and we started to clean the fish and then we heard something scratching on the box.  We came out and the duck had moved a little bit but still wasn't looking that good so we put a lid on the box so he couldn't jump out and have Kali (our cat) harass him.   We went to bed and during the night I'd hear him jumping around and in the morning he looked good to go!  Oh and I decided his name would be 'Hank' during one of the feedings with Cache. 

Well I didn't really think we could keep the duck.  Especially after Todd kindly pointed out to me that ducks fly.  Call me blonde but that just never occurred to me!  The pet ducks I've always seen don't fly, so why would this one?  Todd then pointed out that they fly South for the winter.....ohhhh right!!   He was also right about the duck pooping and stinking-my heating pad is going to need some MAJOR disinfecting!!

So before Church we all got in the car-even Hank-and went down the street by one of the Lagoons.  We opened Huxley's door so he could watch and then we tipped the box on the side and Hank ran out! He was kind of tipsy and limped a little for a few steps but who wouldn't after being stuck in that box for 12 hours and who knows how long in the net?  We kept watching and he eventually made it down to the water!  

Yay!!!  We rescued something!! :)

Hopefully he's ok and will be able to fully recover.  He looked pretty good when we let him go!

Cute little Huxley was excited to see him move around but he kept asking where he went for probably the next day.

Someday we'll live in a place where we can really have a pet duck! :)

Don't mind my messy house...I had been sick lying on the couch all day trying my best to keep the boys safe so house cleaning was totally off of my list of to dos!

Sick I know.  What'd I tell ya?  I shouldn't have put my heating pad in there!  But, it helped him stay alive-at least that's what I tell myself! :)

Haha!  Huxley has the cutest little voice and right here he's saying 'poop' 'poop'.  So cute!

The Releasing!
Also, this is about all of the vegetation you'll see in Barrow.  And you don't see it for long and then the snow shows up!