Thursday, August 23, 2012

What a Crazy World We Live In

Yesterday we went for a four wheeler ride....
all four of us....
on the same four wheeler!

My mother would have killed me!  I actually called to talk to her afterwards and she asked if anyone had helmets on....
We're pretty sure someone in Barrow riding a four wheeler had a helmet on! :)

Well we were watched over and protected and no one got hurt.

It was pretty exciting though!
It was about 35 degrees
It was pretty windy
We all had our snow outfits on
Picture this:
Huxley was on front with a balcalva and all you could see were two little eyes poking out.  He kept on making 'vroom vroom' noises and every now and then a 'beep beep'.  He'd also try and hold on to the handles.  So cute.
Then it was Todd.  My handsome husband.
Then Cache and I.  Cache was in the KozyCarrier in his cute bear snowsuit and then tucked inside my coat.  He kept making little screaming noises too and Todd kept asking 'are those happy noises?'  Yes he was fine!  He sure is a loud little thing!
On the back was a cooler for our fish we were going to pick up.

In Barrow people Subsistence hunt and fish which means they do it to survive.  What that means for us is that we can hunt some outrageous number like 7 caribou a day and we can catch and eat as much fish as we want.  So we have a fish net!  It's connected to the beach with ropes and then there's a pulley system out in the water about 60 feet that keeps the other end of the net out there.  Anyways you can ask Todd more about all that...I just know if you pull one rope it brings the net in and if you pull the other it pulls the net out.  So!  We set a net out this year to catch fish.  We go out and check it every night.  Yesterday we had one pink salmon in it.  But there were days where it had 16 in the net.  

How blessed are we?!

Anyways, our net is about 8 miles out of town so a pretty long four wheeler ride.  We stuck to the beach so that it would be safer with all of us and so we could go slower.  Personally, I'd rather ride on the beach anyways.  It's not very often you get to just watch the ocean waves come in and out plus every now and then there might be a dead animal.  Call me sick but I never get to see the walrus or seals or whales when they're alive so when they're dead and just laying there you get to have a pretty close up look at them!  They're cool animals!  So we finally got out there after two stops and turning arounds to find dropped gloves.  It was really windy then and starting to rain, Cache had woken up and was screaming at the top of his lungs to get out of my jacket and Huxley was trying to take his boots off and get in the water.  Why did I ask if we could all go out as a family and do this?  Oh yeah because it sounded like 'fun'!  

It was though.  How many families can say they did that?  I have no idea but I know my family can. These are the times that make living so far away from family and in such a remote place worth it.

If you ever want to come and visit we have room!  We can take you on a four wheeler ride too!  We won't make you have kiddos in front and behind you even! :)

What did you get to do with your family today that made everything worth it?

Our little driver
Our little bear


  1. That certainly sounds like an adventure!!! How long will you guys live there? & is it for teaching that you are up there? I love the idea of catching you food. No place here that we can do that, but you caught some wild Alaskan salmon!!! I would die for that. Yummy. Hope you enjoyed it. Your boys are darling. XO

    1. I love reading your blog!
      Your kids are so cute! And your fourwheeler ride sounds way fun! I would love to go and catch us some fish to eat! I can't believe it is 35 degrees there! Ha it is much warmer here like 110 degrees! Sometimes I long to just wear my sweats or have to put on a jacket to go outside! But oh well! It is so fun to hear updates on you and your family! I love it!
      Love sadie

  2. Sounds like fun! :)

  3. What a great adventure y'all are having! We don't catch many salmon around here, but we have lots of big bugs, so that almost makes up for the lack of fresh fish. :) Love the pictures of your cute boys!