Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out Of Commission...

Well....as you can see we are in week #4 of January and there's only one blog post. Really I was doing good! I have two more written....it's just that my computer is well kind of throwing a tantrum right now. My charger went out on it 2 weeks ago and in good ole Barrow fashion....the mail is taking forever to get my replacement here! So anyways! I really am still trying to keep my goal going-it's kind of frustrating when your whole life is on one single machine and then that little machine decides to freak out.

So...that's it for now! Just an update-the kiddo is still inside me, Huxley is still a little spit fire, Todd is staying crazy busy and I've started my internship for my certificate which has been a bit of a change of pace for the family.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year....

Alright! So it's a New Year! I'm not really sure why everyone makes New Year's Resolutions-I mean they're very good to have but I've always found myself only doing well with them for a month at the most. So....I've resorted to just making goals one at a time throughout the year and working on it as hard as I can instead of starting out with a list of a hundred things I want to do this year. However, there are some things that I want to start at the beginning of this year and go with through the whole year. Like.....the blog! For some reason I just haven't been able to do well with the blog. Our brother in-law, Bryan, gave his wife Janelle a book of her blog this year for Christmas. I thought it was AWESOME! I want that someday! And looking at our blog....it would probably make a 10 page book! So I want to do better this year.....so my goal is to once a week do a rundown of the week. Definitely do-able!

So here we go! Week #1 of 2012! Hahaha only 51 to go right!?

This week has been good. We returned from Utah a day before school started so that was nice. We were able to all just hang out and take it easy for a day. IT WAS SO NICE! It's exhausting visiting family! I was thinking that the traveling on the airplanes would be the most tiring parts of the trip but nope! It's worth the exhaustion though to spend time with family! It's also nice that our families live so close so we're able to bounce around and be with everyone for a lot of our trips down. It probably didn't help that we were all sick during our visit and being pregnant doesn't help with the being tired either.

So this week.....the scariest thing that happened was when Huxley woke up a few hours after going to bed crying and barely being able to breathe. It scared me pretty bad! I didn't want to take him in to the hospital though because of the horror stories I've heard so Huxley and I had a sleepover in our extra bedroom so I could hear his breathing. (he's kind of a wild sleeper and I wanted Todd to sleep well so he wouldn't be tired at work so that's why we slept there) Our friend Jenna let us borrow their humidifier and a Vick's plug-in which worked wonders for him. I knew it was croup by the way he sounded so I was worried but not too bad that I didn't trust myself watching him through the night. The next morning I called my mom and she listened to him and she said I should probably get him an appointment so I called our Nurse Practitioner and she saw him and confirmed my croup suspicions and prescribed some medication (that of course the hospital didn't have in so we had to wait another day for it and then when we finally got it the dosage scared me so I ended up not giving it to him-maybe I shouldn't have gone to nursing school!) Well he's doing great now-just lots of snot and junky coughing!

The best thing that happened this week was when Todd was coming home from school and one of our neighbors has been remodeling their home. When he drove by they had put ALL of their cupboards and cabinets outside-some by their house still and some by the garbage. He came home and told me and asked if I was ok if he picked them up since they are the same as ours right now and we could finally get some cupboard doors in our kitchen. I said that was fine and we went and asked if we could take them. The guy said the ones by the garbage were fine to take (there were only two though) and the one's by his house were going to be his daughters (there was like a whole kitchen and bathroom). Anyways we grabbed the garbage ones and that was it. The next day we were grocery shopping and we saw the guy and he said we could come by and get the rest of the cabinets and cupboards!!!!!!!! What?!?! Todd had mentioned we could put them in the utility room before we found out that they were already in someone's name and then I said yeah we could put them there or we could put them in the addition and Todd said 'oh yeah I didn't even think of that'. What?! Todd wasn't thinking of the addition?! That's all he thinks about! Anyways now we have a FULL set of cabinets and cupboards that we can put in our addition which will save us about $5ooo!! Wahoo!! We are so blessed!! It's a great feeling too because it seems like everything is standing in the way of the addition and it makes me second guess wondering if we had misinterpreted the answer we got when praying about it. But when great things (no matter how big or small they are) happen at random times it reminds me that 'yeah we made the right decision and it'll be worth all the struggles in the end'.

The sweetest thing that happened was on the day when Todd went back to school. It's so great having breaks and getting Todd's undivided attention during those breaks but it's a hard transition when he needs to go back to work. I always just thought it was hard on me...nope! Poor Huxley walked around from room to room playing and always called out 'Dad', 'Dada', 'Daaaaaaaaaaad'. It was cute but I felt bad for him and so we looked at pictures of Todd and I tried to distract him. Well, when it was time for Todd to come home we were in Huxley's room playing and he was lying on his stomach reading a book and then Todd came in the house. Kali (our cat) makes a lot of noise sometimes so Huxley kind of just sat there and listened for a second and then Todd made a bigger noise when putting his stuff on the ground and then Huxley yelled/squealed 'Dad!' and jumped up as fast as he could and ran down the hallway squealing/screeching as loud as he could and practically jumped into Todd's arms! Then he just sat there with the BIGGEST smile and hugged him. It was so precious and cute! Oh I just love thinking about it right now! :)

Now on to the picture stuff! I wish it was more quick and easy to download pictures. Any suggestions?

One of our favorite things to do while down in Utah. We don't have stairs in Barrow so I'm not quite sure how he learned so fast! He's good about waiting for help to come back down or going down on his tummy too! How did I get so lucky on that one?! We only had two somersaults down the stairs!

The McMahons! It was so fun to have them here for Christmas this year! It had been a LONG time since we'd seen them! Todd likes 'candid' pictures better so he mostly gets pictures of people not looking at the camera.

Baba and our feast!! Yum!! We're so lucky to have such a great guy as our Grampa!

Hmmm where is Todd-oh behind the camera right! We need to get better about having us ALL in pictures together! Don't worry about the 'no pants' he gets hot and it was especially warm in Utah!

Cousin Stephie! Huxley loved having so many cousins around! I wish I had gotten my mom's camera and got the pictures she had taken. She has a lot more of everyone! We had fun at my family's house! The McMahons came from North Carolina this year so my mom got to have ALL 5 kids at her house this year! How fun right? Yup it was!

These two pictures are for Todd. He took this first one with us noticing and then the second one he did it without us knowing and said it's 'the perfect pregnant picture'. I'm 26 weeks in these!

All the 'kids' (I'm pretty sure I only see a few kids in the picture) at G & G Henke's house. Lots of fun we are so blessed to have such great family!! Huxley was so tired but held up so well! Yes my husband has Huxley by his feet....hahahaha oh what a kiddo!

I was trying to convince him to go and open some presents! Hahaha! Maybe I should have enjoyed his sitting still for the moment because the rest of the day he would be EVERYWHERE! Trying to open EVERONE'S gifts!

Slightly confused little boy! And yes I am wearing 'footy' pajamas. You should definitely try them! SO COMFY!! :)

Christmas Morning at the Henke's! Bright and early too! Poor Huxley-he was sound asleep so I walked upstairs with him in my arms and as soon as he heard everyone he was wide awake....and confused! :) Spencer and Maren even spent the night so everyone was there!!!

Somehow we missed gettin Huxley in there! This can be our 'Anniversary' picture since I'm not sure we got one that day-I'm pretty sure we didn't change much in the two days between them anyways! Happy 3 Years!!! :)

This one is for you mom! :)

See we can take a 'normal' picture! :)

Stephie, Me and Kristina-all 5 kids and their families went down and saw the lights together-so fun!! And yes I'm wearing my parka that I made! :) And yes it was STINKIN hot!!!

My Little Cutie! :)

Hmmmmm that wasn't too hard! I can do this! :)