Thursday, June 10, 2010


We got our wish!!! We for sure thought our little one was going to be a girl! When we went in for the Ultrasound the tech asked what we thought we were going to have and we said 'a girl'. A little while later he then said, 'you guys are definitely having a boy'! We were so surprised!! We were talking and said something like, 'well I guess we got what we wanted' and he said, 'I thought you wanted a girl.' We then went on to explain that we really wanted a boy but were almost positive it was a girl!! We even put blue shirts on (not on purpose) and were joking about it that maybe it will increase our chances of it turning into a boy!! Something must have worked!! :) Exciting!!

Everything else looked healthy! Which is really what matters! We couldn't see little one's face because he was so tightly curled up in a ball in the bottom of the uterus though. He had all this space to move around in and he chose just to stay put despite the tech jiggling my stomach with the wand and me moving side to side. He wouldn't budge!! We've got a stubborn one on the way!! :)

Our due date has changed to October 30th which I'm pretty excited about. It's now on an even day.... :)

Well that's about it!! I've officially started showing now so I'll start putting weekly (that's a jump I know) pictures up!!

Oh and more good news....I'm half way!! Today is week 20!!! Pretty weird!!!